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Marketing Pitfalls

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With several years of experience, and professionals with educational backgrounds in Advertising, Marketing, Market Research, and Analysis, ACA Internet Marketing has put together a team that has the know-how and experience to drive your business forward. Today we sat down and came up with a list of common marketing mistakes that we have seen and wanted to share with our clients.


Marketing Mistake 1; Starved Budget.

OK, we know, this seems a little self-serving coming from a marketing company, but that doesn’t make it any less true. One of the biggest and most common marketing mistakes is dedicating too small of a budget to give your marketing and advertising legs. In a perfect world, everything we did at ACA would go viral overnight, and we would never have to charge for media time. But, that’s not reality, and we would never make any such claims. While incredible creative goes a long way, if we don’t have the funds to be heard it just doesn’t fall on enough ears to make the difference we all want it to.



Marketing Mistake 2; Popular Advertising.

In the marketing world, we call this “following the leader”. Following the leader is a rookie mistake that is often seen in smaller markets, and unfortunately we see this a lot in our South Texas regional market all too often. “Following the Leader” is when someone in the market has a good marketing message or advertisement and a few months later, everyone else is jumping on board trying to sell the same thing with the same words. The worst thing about falling in line with popular advertising is that you are hurting yourself and boosting your competition all in one. The vast majority of people who see the copied advertising will automatically think of the first people that ran the ad.

Actually, forget all about marketing mistake number two, by all means, go ahead and copy our advertising, our clients will thank you.



Marketing Mistake 3; Be Rational

Please keep in mind that this is coming from someone with over ten years of experience as a military analyst, don’t over think your marketing. We love to spend hours researching the competition of our clients, nailing down a budget to the penny, and pouring over market research to pin down a bulletproof marketing strategy, but customers don’t work that way. When it comes to influencing the masses, winning awareness and building substantial brand awareness; emotion wins every time. I’m not telling you to skip all the research and planning that’s important too. What I’m telling you is that as soon as you are done with research move on. It will stay in the back of your brain while you come up with a compelling emotional marketing message. Reach for your customer’s hearts and let their heads follow, besides one customer that loves you is better than ten that just think you are a good choice.



Marketing Mistake 4; Marketing to the Masses.

Too many companies try to be the perfect company for everyone, all the time, in all things…. and they fail. I’ll save you the heartache; it’s NOT possible. Sure, you company can be great for everyone, but you can’t talk to everyone the same way, it just doesn’t work. The more you narrow down your target demographic, the more specific your marketing message will be, and the more specific the message is, the more successful it will be. Easy, right? Well, maybe not, no one ever said marketing was easy.  If they did they were trying to sell you something (by the way, do you want to buy a website? {just kidding}). Just remember, keep your message simple and to a tight target. The next mistake is stopping here… you can’t just choose one small market to go after if you want to be successful. Nail your target market and then move on and get the next one, and then the next one, then the next one. After that? You guessed it, World Domination!



Marketing Mistake 5; Getting Approval.

In general, the worst marketing mistakes are the ones that have multiple voices involved. If you have to get approval from the committee, the board of directors or your wife, you can all but guarantee marketing mistakes.

Everyone is different, and if you try to make everyone happy, you will end up with a mess of a marketing problem. The fewer people that are in the approval chain, the better.

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