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Mobile Marketing

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Top 10 Reasons for Mobile Marketing

1 –  65% of US smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of rising.

2 –  64% of people in the US check their phones within 15 minutes of going to bed.

The US market has a special relationship with their smart phone; it’s their brain, their memory, their sanity all wrapped up in one beautiful little package. We feel naked without it, we cry when it breaks, and we get giddy about upgrades.



3 –  87% of millennials consider their smart phones to be a personal device.

4 –  78% of millennials spend over 2 hours a day using their smartphones.

5 –  68% of millennials always have their smartphone at their side, day and night.


If you are not trying to tap into the millennial market, then you obviously don’t want your business to last another 10 years. This is the fastest growing demographic in the US with huge buying power, they live and die by their smartphones, and they aren’t going anywhere.



6 –  Over 50% of the search market ($12.85 Billion) will be mobile search ads in 2015.

The worst part of this statistic, is that those of us in the mobile marketing world know that more than half the ads paid for will never been seen by the consumer, if you don’t understand the significance of page positioning, then you need to make a friend that does.



7 –  41% of increased mobile advertising budget will come from print advertising.

8 –  34% of increased mobile advertising budget will come from TV advertising.

9 –  32% of increased mobile advertising budget will come from digital display advertising.


That’s right, mobile advertising budget is growing, and these dollars are all being taken away from other advertising, the competition is getting stiff and the longer you wait the bigger the chance will be that you will be left in the dust.



10 –  81% of US mobile owners used their devices to research retail items before going to a retail location and 19% used their device while at a retail location.


It doesn’t take a marketing expert to tell you not to ignore 81% of the market, but I’ll do it anyway; please don’t ignore 81% of the market.

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