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What is a Brand Identity?

Brand Image, Brand Personality or just Brand, no matter what you call it, your Brand ID is the face of your company.  It is how people see and feel about the company. Your Brand is made up of everything that touches your customers or clients. It begins with your name and logo, often your first impression on the public. It consists of your building or offices, packaging, car and truck wraps, messages, advertising, website, social media, prices, and more.

Anything the customer sees will affect how they feel about your brand, and how they feel about your brand is what will make them choose you over your competition.

The Right Branding

Creating the right brand starts with your name and logo, this will set the tone for everything you do. Making your brand is much more difficult than just coming up with a catchy name that happens to not be trademarked. ACA begins the process by understanding your company and it’s goals. Then we focus on your customers and creating effective marketing that speaks directly to them. Every brand is different, and ACA uses every difference as an advantage to your brand.

A Case of Confused Identity

Companies with identity problems often approach us. Some know they have a problem, and some don’t. Some have been in business for a year, and some have been open for 20 years. Most of the time, the problem stems from multiple agencies working on different projects at the same time. Using multiple agencies often causes problems unless they are talking to each other and have a clear direction about the brand.

ACA solves this by first determining what the correct Brand Identity is, and then making sure that the correct personality ties into every piece of marketing and advertising. Everything we do from web design, logos, business cards, and print collateral is specifically designed to enhance the brand and improve the pubic image of your company. If you have other marketing and advertising agencies working for you, we reach out to them to make sure that everything is tied together to build your business.

Everything your product does that touches the consumer is your brand.